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Grow Your E-Commerce Business with Weeyn


Collects store and product data from any designated single or multiple sources.

  • ERP

    Transfer from Accounting

  • Production

    Transfer from Production

  • Supply

    XML, JSON transfer

  • Web Service

    API, SOAP transfer

  • Manual

    API, SOAP transfer


  • Content
  • Localization
  • Media
  • Analysis

Enriches data quality and structures it according to standards.




Distributes data for selling on web, marketplace, social media, and mobile channels.


  • Matching
  • Centralization
  • Inventory
  • API
  • Feed
  • Web

    E-Commerce Website

  • Marketplace

    Marketplace Stores

  • Social

    Social Media Stores

  • Mobile

    Mobile App Store

  • Physical

    Physical Sales Stores

All Tools, Full Ecosystem

We have thought and prepared for you all the tools you may need in your e-commerce processes.

E-commerce Web Infrastructure

You can sell your products online in just minutes. While delivering your products to as many people as possible, you will also offer your customers a unique online shopping experience.
E-commerce Web Infrastructure

Product, Category, Brand

Enjoy creating unlimited category, brand and product content. Start e-commerce without pushing your limits.

Order, Sales and Invoice

We offer solutions that facilitate order management, sales processes and invoice creation for an uninterrupted workflow. Easily manage your sales, quickly create your invoices.

Marketing, Campaign

Increase the potential of your business with marketing and campaign modules designed to elevate your brand. Reach your target audience effectively, Create successful marketing strategies.

Design, Content

Make your brand stand out from your competitors with specially designed themes and creative content setups we offer.

Marketplace Store Management

We offer an integrated structure that enables sellers selling in all marketplaces to manage their e-commerce operations in real time from a single screen. Weeyn works 100% integrated with all marketplaces. You can easily and functionally manage all platforms from a single panel.
Marketplace Store Management

Store Management

Start selling your products right away in six different marketplaces that we integrate. Check stocks, make dynamic pricing and invoice. You sell, we handle the workload!

Catalog Matching

All you have to do is integrate your stores and put your products on sale in all marketplaces! No category matching, no re-entering the same information.

Order, Invoice

You can follow your orders on a single screen without having to follow the Marketplace panels separately. You can manage all marketplace transactions from a single screen with the Weeyn infrastructure.

Price, Stock

Automatically update your stocks as the product is sold. Take the hassle out of shuffling your stores and manually updating stock.

Social Media Store Management

Instagram and Facebook Shopping; Weeyn is a store management that enables our customers with e-commerce infrastructure to easily sell their products through social media.
Social Media Store Management

Content Editing

You can customize the contents of each of the orders posted on social media stores with your own information.

Application Management

With the Weeyn infrastructure, you can easily manage your company's store management on social media platforms. Weeyn offers you a customizable solution with its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

Order Management

You can view and manage all the steps of the orders placed on social media from the panel screen.

Price and Stock Tracking

You can update the product stock and prices quickly in social media stores.

Mobile Store App

The importance of mobile applications in our lives continues to increase. As Weeyn, we are preparing your mobile store application, which is compatible with your e-commerce store, for you to take your place on both iOS and Android platforms.
Mobile Store App

User Friendly Interface

We add a new vision to your brand with user interface designs specially prepared for you and apply it to all smart devices.

Application Tracking

We measure the reflexes of the user in the application and update the application for more active use and move forward.

Push Notifications

We send instant notifications to the users who use the application with the content or news you want.

Multi-Language Support

We offer the application as multi-language support and provide users with the opportunity to use it with multiple language options.

Pre-Accounting Management

Easily track all your accounts with pre-accounting management. Keep your income and expenses, E-invoices, all the difficult accounting processes in an organized and convenient way.
Pre-Accounting Management

Stock Tracking

While issuing your invoices, you can easily track your automatically updated stock status and place product orders from your suppliers on time.

Invoice Tracking

Make your collection and payment processes easily by following the invoices of your customers and suppliers.

Current Account Tracking

Easily control payments and maintain financial balance by following your customer accounts regularly.

Income-Expense Tracking

See when, how much money has come in and out of which vault or bank of your business.

Warehouse and Stock Management

Easily manage all your warehouse operations, from warehouse, stock and shipping processes to your shelf addressing.
Warehouse and Stock Management

Shipment Planning

You can edit or change which goods your operation team will accept or issue for which order from the Weeyn panel screen.

Stock, Inventory

You can see your product stock information thanks to the relevant module, you can take quick action to update the stock status, and you can easily organize your business calendar.

Stock Addressing

You can stock the products that you accept stock by using shelf addressing, and you can easily access the related products while you are checking out the goods.

Reporting, Performance

You can get reports on the basis of products, personnel and customers, and you can plan your strategy to increase your business efficiency by examining the reports.