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Marketplace Store Management


Sell easily from a single panel

on all marketplaces and platforms.

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The ability to manage all transactions such as products and orders from all marketplaces and other platforms from a single panel in order to expand your business makes you one step faster than your competitors.

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Inventory Management

Reflecting stock in marketplaces in direct proportion to stock in warehouse(s) and automating the process of shipping inventory from any of your warehouse locations for all incoming orders to be fulfilled allows for lower fulfillment costs and better delivery commitments to customers.

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Dynamic Inventory Management
Pricing and Competition

Pricing and Competition

You can count on us to protect your margins by creating customized price rules, currency conversion and smart rounding for each channel you sell to, as well as constantly monitoring your competitor's prices and dynamically adapting when changes occur, thanks to our repricer.

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Order fulfillment

Complete order, shipment and returns management from a single dashboard using our rule-based system to automate and streamline your order fulfillment process for customers purchasing products from different channels and marketplaces. It provides the ability to automate shipping and tracking information and synchronize inventory across all channels within your own systems.

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Order fulfillment
Easy to Scale

Easy to Scale

Generates detailed reports and actionable insights to optimize your sales strategy across channels or marketplaces. It provides the easiest way to scale with real-time and historical data generated from sales, orders, returns, product status, and insights into customer behavior.

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Other Features of Marketplace Store Infrastructure

Some of the advanced features that facilitate e-commerce on marketplaces with Weeyn infrastructure:

Product and Catalogue

Provides the opportunity to create unlimited Category, Brand and Product content

Stock and Inventory

It offers real-time control over the catalog of the live stock and inventory of sales on your e-commerce site and marketplaces.

Warehouse Management

It provides the opportunity to create unlimited warehouses as well as ease of addressing and inventory management.

Order and Invoice

It offers the opportunity to use your sales order and invoice processes as e-invoices.

Competition analysis

With Competition Analysis, you can have your prices automatically updated according to the prices of your competitors, within the limits you set.

Smart Pricing

You do not have to constantly update channel and platform-based sales prices according to their changing costs. keeps up-to-date based on platform and profit margin.

Instant Everything

All your stock levels are synchronized instantly in all channels in line with the orders coming from their channels, and the correct warehouse is sent to fulfill the orders, and it automatically provides shipping and tracking information to the purchasing customers.

Reporting and Analysis

It offers multiple analysis and reporting types of income and expense reports from sales, customers and products.

Support management

It offers multiple support channels such as frequently asked questions, knowledge base, tickets and feedback.

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