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Product information

E-commerce infrastructure is a system that includes the software, tools and infrastructure required to create and manage an online store.

Weeyn предлагает комплексную инфраструктуру, включающую все необходимое для создания интернет-магазина. Он включает в себя такие функции, как управление продуктами, способы оплаты, отслеживание запасов, интеграция грузов, интеграция с рынком, интеграция с электронным экспортом и управление клиентами.

No, you dont need technical knowledge thanks to Weeyn s user-friendly interface.

Weeyn offers many template options to suit users' preference. You can choose from design templates suitable for different industries and styles.

Yes, Weeyn is fully mobile-friendly and works seamlessly across all devices, so your customers can also shop from mobile devices.

Yes, Weeyn allows you to improve your site's SEO performance with SEO friendly URLs, meta tags and other optimization tools.

Weeyn offers a user-friendly interface for product management. You can easily add, edit and track the availability of products.

Weeyn works integrated with many popular shipping companies. In this way, you can offer easy and fast delivery options for your customers.

Definitely! Weeyn works seamlessly on all devices with its mobile-friendly and responsive design.

Weeyn allows you to categorize products easily. You can create categories from the administration panel and add products to these categories.

Yes, Weeyn offers social media integration. You can connect your store with your social media accounts and share your products.

Of course! Weeyn provides you with useful reports such as sales, inventory and customer analysis.

Yes, Weeyn automatically tracks stock levels and you can notify customers when the product is out of stock.

Weeyn allows you to easily determine your return and exchange policies through the administration panel.

Yes, Weeyn has multilingual and multi-currency support. You can use your store in the languages and currencies you want.

Definitely! Weeyn allows you to create a blog easily and helps you organize your content.

Yes. By opening the Pre-Order and Collect Demand products in the panel, you can request the products and create the record, then you can convert these records into sales and provide invoice transactions.

Order and Payment

Weeyn, farklı ödeme yöntemlerini kolayca entegre etmenize olanak tanır. Ödeme ağ geçitlerini seçip mağazanıza eklemek için yönetim panelini kullanabilirsiniz.

Weeyn allows you to easily manage your orders and keep stock status up to date. You can track orders, monitor stock levels and update them in a timely manner

Weeyn's pricing is flexible and may vary depending on your package. Visit our website for detailed information on different plans and prices.

Yes, Weeyn supports various payment gateways. You can easily integrate credit cards, bank transfers and other payment options.

Yes. You can keep track of your invoices with the E-invoice system included in the panel.

No. You can use our product during the 15-day trial period without providing any card information.

Yes. You can track your Cash, Bank and Check accounts through your panel.

Yes. With the E-invoice system in the panel, you can print your desired invoice and follow up all transactions.

Service and Technical

Weeyn customer support is provided by our team of experts 7 days a week. You can get support quickly and effectively via email and live chat.

Account and Login Transactions

Weeyn uses SSL encryption and other security measures to ensure the security of your customers' information. Sensitive data such as card information is securely protected.

To register with Weeyn, visit our website, fill out the registration form and create your account. You can get started easily!

Yes, Weeyn provides email marketing feature to customers. You can send regular e-mails to your customers about discounts, campaigns and new products.

Yes, Weeyn protects customer information by taking security measures. Your store will be safe with SSL encryption and other security measures.

Campaign and Gift Certificates

Weeyn has a user-friendly interface. You can easily customize colors, logos, product images and text.

Weeyn offers special areas for discount codes and promotions. You can add your discount codes and campaigns from the administration panel.
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