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Return Policy

Return Policy and Payments

1.1. The User will be able to benefit from the paid Services offered on the Platform by paying the fees declared on the Platform for each Service in full and in accordance with the payment terms and means declared on the Platform .

1.2. Fees for Paid Services, payment terms, effective dates of fees will be announced in the relevant sections of the Platform . Weeyn reserves the right to change the fees at any time. Changes to be made in the fee and payment terms of the Service packages during the User's membership period will not be applied until the end of the User's package period, and the new fees and payment conditions will be valid at the start of the new package period.

1.3. If the renewed package fees cannot be collected within 3 (three) days following the start of the new period, Weeyn may suspend the use of the relevant Service .

1.4. If the User notifies Weeyn that he has withdrawn from using the relevant Service within the first 14 ( fourteen ) days following the purchase of a paid Service package , the portion of the fee paid by the User for that Service for the period after the end of the Service . It will be returned to the User . If no advance payment has been made, the User will only be liable to pay the amount corresponding to the period from the purchase of the Service to the end of the Service . Except for the cases specified in this article, the user cannot return the package purchased for any reason .

1.5. The subscription packages purchased by the User will be automatically renewed at the end of each period, unless otherwise requested before the end of the relevant Service package.