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Warehouse Stock Management


Manage all your warehouse operations, from warehouse,

stock and shipping processes to shelf addressing.

Stock Amount Updated  After Invoice

Stock Amount Updated
After Invoice

Easily track your automatically updated stock status as you issue your invoices. Order your goods from suppliers on time.

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Multiple Warehouse

By creating more than one warehouse, track the stock amounts of your products in different locations from a single screen.

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Multiple Warehouse
Find Your Products  Easily

Find Your Products

Add your products with product-specific information such as barcode, product code, product photo, and find them easily. Call the product with the barcode reader.

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Cost Report

With the products in stock report, know how much of each product you have, its cost and your potential profit from that product.

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Inventory  Cost Report

Features of Warehouse Stock Management

Some of the advanced features that facilitate warehouse stock management on your website with Weeyn infrastructure

Shipment Planning

You can manage and modify which goods your operations team will accept or dispatch for each order from the Weeyn panel screen.

Stock Information

With the relevant module, you can view your product stock information, take quick actions to update stock status, and easily organize your work calendar.

Shelf Addressing

You can store the products you receive in stock using shelf addressing, making it easy to access the relevant items during dispatch.

Warehouse/Shipping Performance

Analyze all stages of your storage and shipping operations through the module and measure your performance.


Get reports based on products, personnel, and customers, and plan your strategies to increase business efficiency by examining these reports.

Unlimited Usage

You can add or update an unlimited number of products for warehouse stock management.

Inventory Tracking

We track the stock information of raw materials used in production, re-add them to the inventory when running low, and ensure continuous production.

Multi-Warehouse Management

You can manage, edit, or remove multiple warehouses. We provide different editing options for each warehouse.

Product Management

We offer a warehouse stock system that allows you to know which warehouse your products are stocked in and get information about those warehouses based on stock data.

Warehouse Count

Facilitate the controlled execution of all your operations with CornerDex by carrying out all counting processes with maximum efficiency.

Block Definition

You can define as many block and shelf information as you want for your products to be easily accessible in the warehouse.

Warehouse Process Optimization

Efficiently manage all processes from goods acceptance to packaging and shipping, optimizing the management of stock throughout.

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