Pre-Accounting Management | Weeyn

Pre-Accounting Management


Easily track all pre-booking management

in an organized and convenient way.

Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking

  • Invoice Creation and Printing
  • E-Invoice, E-Archive, and E-Ledger
  • Customer Account Tracking
  • Online Collections
  • Quote Management and Tracking
  • Receipt Voucher and Tracking
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Expense Tracking

  • Company Expenses
  • Employee Salary Tracking
  • Employee Expense Tracking
  • Reporting
  • VAT Report
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Expense Tracking
Cash Flow Tracking

Cash Flow Tracking

  • Cash and Bank Tracking
  • Check Tracking
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Automatic Payment Reminders
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Inventory and Warehouse Tracking

  • Bulk Stock Update
  • Multiple Warehouse Tracking
  • Transfer Document Management
  • Dispatch Document Management
  • Critical Stock Alert
  • Mobile Barcode Reader
  • Customer Price Lists
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Inventory and Warehouse Tracking
Cash Flow Tracking

Cash Flow Tracking

  • Online Collections
  • Reports
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Invoice Sharing via Email
  • Import/Export Data
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Features of Accounting Management

All the features you may need for your company's accounting in one application.

Inventory Tracking

Easily track your stock status, update it automatically with each invoice, and place timely orders from your suppliers.

Invoice Tracking

Track your customer and supplier invoices, manage collection and payment processes with ease.

Customer Account Tracking

Categorize your customers based on their turnover and identify which customer group requires your focus.

Revenue and Expense Tracking

View all the money coming in and going out of your business from your cash or bank accounts.

Quick Product Search

Add your products with specific information such as barcode, product code, and product photo for easy retrieval.

Balance Sheet Report

Observe your company's financial statement by calculating its revenue and expenses.

Inventory Cost

Know the quantities and costs of your inventory items, as well as the potential profit from those items.

Quotation Module

Easily create quotations, share them with your customers, and instantly convert them into invoices.

Customer Account Statements

Download your customer account statements as PDF or share them via email.

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