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Mobile Store Management


It is very easy to sell easily

with your brand's IOS and Android store application.

Ready-Themed or Original

or Original

Whether you want to start quickly by using our ready-made store application template for IOS and Android, or let us design and develop a mobile store application that reflects your brand identity.

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App Store
and Play Store

Let's quickly install your mobile store application on Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Thus, all devices can use your store application and increase your sales potential.

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App Store and Play Store
The Best Performance

The Best

Our store applications allow you to offer the best shopping experience with the best performance, uninterrupted browsing, speed, one-click on mobile and tablet devices, regardless of IOS or Android platform.

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Get started right away

No coding skills, no expert reviews, no hidden processes. You can get started right away using our ready-made store app template for iOS and Android.

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Get started right away
Push, Messaging

Push, Messaging

One of the most effective ways to keep your customers coming back to your store apps is to use push notifications. Keep them interested and keep them coming back for more!

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Meet your income stream

Mobile e-commerce store apps have 3 times higher conversion rates. Take advantage of its features designed to help you build brand loyalty and achieve sustainable business growth, the next step in your eCommerce business.

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Meet your income stream

Highlights of Mobile Store Management

As Weeyn, some of our features that highlight our Mobile Store Management infrastructure

Product and Catalogue

It allows you to showcase products for display so your customers can browse through all the products, categories, brands or services you offer.

Stock and Inventory

Your e-commerce site offers live stock and inventory of sales on marketplace stores and mobile stores in real time on the catalog.

Application Analysis

If you know what areas of your shopping app need improvement, it analyzes in-app behavior and gives you insight into user challenges or points of disagreement.


We evaluate the feedback from the users of the shares made in the application and take the next steps accordingly.

Instant Notifications

Communication is the most important aspect of any customer relationship. You can contact all your customers or a certain part of the customers according to their preferences or locations, and send related communications including discounts and special offers.

Real Time Update

With the updates that the application will receive over time, we update it in the store and serve the users with the latest update.

Social Integration

Social media is the lifeblood of modern marketing. By allowing users to share the content of your shopping app on their favorite social media, you have a highly efficient, free marketing channel. Additionally, you can enable social media listings to improve conversions and entry rates.

Ad-Free App

We do not show ads to users using the application at any step and we ensure comfortable use within the application.

Quick Important

Users using the application do not encounter any negative situations and can experience it comfortably.

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